PEETZ was founded in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1925 by Boris Cecil Peetz, a master jeweller who combined his love of fishing with his ability to fashion timeless, beautiful works of art.


Boris Cecil Peetz working in the shop on his famous PEETZ fishing reels.


PEETZ fishing reels were originally based on the Nottingham style reels popular at the time throughout Europe. However, when Boris applied the knowledge of his trade to the creation of the elegantly simple, ingeniously reliable mechanics of the original PEETZ fishing reel, magic happened.


Day after day, season after season, fishermen put Boris' reels to the

test against the rough salty seas, the unforgiving weather and the

big fish of the Pacific Northwest. With each passing year, these

fishermen grew to revere the performance and impeccably-crafted

quality of PEETZ reels.


As the PEETZ reels weathered, their mahogany darkened with the

richness of time; their brass work reflected the abuses of the sea,

and they continued to perform! Endless fishing stories and family

legends embedded themselves as patina and the reels were

passed down from one generation to the next.


Today, PEETZ fishing reels continue to stand the test of time. Still

crafted in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada by artisans who

honour Boris Peetz' commitment to design, precision and durability,

the reels are produced in limited numbers by hand using traditional

methods. In fact, some of the tools and jigs used today are the same original equipment created by Boris Peetz nearly a century ago. To our knowledge, PEETZ Outdoors is the only remaining manufacturer of Nottingham-style wood reels in the world.


Unlike most of the modern fishing gear available today, PEETZ fishing reels carry a special place of distinction in the hearts and tackle boxes of many West Coast fishermen. They are timeless works of functional art to be used, abused and shared as lasting legacies of a family’s enduring passion for the sport of fishing.

Our Mission

Below are the four principles that guide us in everything we do at PEETZ Outdoors and how we interact with those around us every day:


  • Honour the legacy of our founder, Boris Peetz and his commitment to precision craftsmanship in everything we make or offer to our angling community.

  • Honour every member of the PEETZ team - all special individuals that represent our brand in every capacity and share a passion for continually exceeding the expectations of our customers, our partners and our suppliers.

  • Honour the generations of fishermen and fisherwomen that have supported the PEETZ team and our families for nine decades and counting.

  • Honour and support the precious fishing resources that have sustained mankind since the beginning of time, and will continue to do so through preservation and responsible stewardship.



CJ Special lures were invented by Charlie Jones of Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. Mr. Jones holds both US and Canadian patents for this entirely unique spoon lure design, which has proven to be extremely effective at catching fish.

Charlie spent decades developing and perfecting his namesake spoon lure with a vigorous passion. As a result, CJ’s are built to extremely thought-out specifications. For years, CJ’s remained the go-to lure of the select few lucky enough to acquire them from Charlie. This included a variety of professional charter fisherman, fishing lodges, commercial trollers and a few lucky anglers.

In 2017 The CJ Special became commercially available to the sport-fishing market through a distribution partnership with PEETZ Outdoors. PEETZ is proud to continue the legacy of the CJ Special Lure and take this Vancouver Island born gem to anglers worldwide.


According to Gibran White, Marine Operations Manager at Nootka Marine Adventures and a professional salt and freshwater sport fishing guide in British Columbia for more than 26 years, ”CJ Special lures have created an entirely new dimension for both trolling and casting. The 3.5" needlefish and 3.5" regular (anchovy) are the top two most utilized spoons I have in my tackle box when guiding for all species of salmon... these spoons will out-fish 95% of most bait fisherman any day, any tide."

CJ Special lures are available in both aluminum alloy and brass in a range of sizes, shapes and weights that have all been extensively guide-tested. The aluminum and brass weights have shown equally effective for trolling. The brass weight versions are also ideal for casting and jigg


Left Coast Lures and Design was founded in 2014 by Ryan Kehn of Victoria, British Columbia. The company develops high-performance stainless steel fishing lures that will appeal to even the most demanding fishermen. All LCL designs have gone through rigorous testing with professional anglers and have been enthusiastically received and supported by some of the most accomplished anglers in British Columbia and Alaska.




Headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, McFly Fishing Products Limited was founded in 2016 by Duncan McKenzie. The company manufactures at its Canadian facility, as well as its new additional facility in Tepic, Mexico. McFly strives to produce the highest quality fishing products that "simply work better and catch more fish".

The original McFly flies were developed for the spring and fall Rainbow Trout and Bull Trout fisheries of the Pacific Northwest. They have since proven to be highly successful at catching many other predator species throughout North America and abroad. Variations of McFly flies are available for both casting and trolling. They can also be used effectively with or without the use of outriggers or planers. McFly flies are also proven performers when deep trolled on their own or behind a flasher or dodger.


PEETZ Outdoors is proud to announce that in 2017, it became the authorized Canadian master distributor for these outstanding flies. They are manufactured to an uncompromising quality standard and are 100% guaranteed.




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